28. Mel Phillips

28. Mel Phillips

What services do you believe are most important for the Territory?-
How can the Government deliver current services more efficiently or in ways that better meet the needs of our community?-
Are there particular services that you think the Government should stop delivering or should deliver in a different way?-
What new ideas, services or programs should the Government consider to meet emerging or evolving community needs?

Ive had several conversations with taxi plate owners and how devastated they are that they have put their life savings into these plates and then ACT Government has let uber in without any of these costs.

If you have any soul compensate them for their loss. These people are now just barely on the breadline and you are still charging them 10 times the price for the registration every year.

ACT is progressive city but to have any compassion you have to pay them for their loss. It was not their fault and to see grown men so despondent it should be a crime to just sit back and watch them go to ruin.

We compensated fluffy houses. Put money up for trams.. lets help them out in the budget.