Budget consultation

Chief Minister and Treasurer's Message

Canberra is growing, and the ACT Government is working hard to ensure our services and infrastructure keep getting better for everyone who lives here.

Input - have your say

The annual Budget consultation process is one of the ways that Canberrans, community groups and local organisations can have a say on how and where the Government should invest to boost services and infrastructure, as well as how we ensure a fair and sustainable base to fund this.

Input received

View the submissions that were received as part of the 2020-21 Budget Consultation process.

The 2020-21 Budget Consultation process has now closed

The Government would like to thank those individuals, community groups and organisations that have contributed to the 2020-21 Budget Consultation process.

Public submissions may be found on the Input Received page: https://www.budgetconsultation.act.gov.au/input-received.

No further submissions will be uploaded to this site.