71. Richard Rogers

What services do you believe are most important for the ACT? Buses (more regular, quick, reliable)
Adequate Carparks (if the bus situation can't be fixed) - for employees who work in town centres (Tuggeranong woefully inadequate)
Measures to reduce the rates we have to pay … huge rises over the last few years are biting hard with increases in electricity, gas and water … accompanied by effective wage freeze
How can the ACT Government deliver current services more efficiently and productively or to better meet the needs of Canberrans?Buses - more drivers; smaller buses more often where numbers are not high
Are there particular services that you think the ACT Government can improve?As above
What can the ACT Government do to make Canberra even more liveable?An efficient bus system which works on the weekend :) Gave up on that years ago.
Please don't legislate for electric cars too soon - encourage development of the tech first