059. Stephanie Ciempka

What services do you believe are most important for the ACT? Two things, our ACT Roads and our older folk, especially Health and Allied Services.
How can the ACT Government deliver current services more efficiently and productively or to better meet the needs of Canberrans?The Government has just put our rates up again. I would really like to see more transparency. I thing it's on the right road with using us for our input. However it's always the ones who are most vocal the seems to be heard.
Are there particular services that you think the ACT Government can improve?Like I said our roads in the ACT are disgraceful. A quick fix is not addressing the issues. When we have rain the pot holes open up and I am sick of being inconvenience with road revealing. Plus our elderly are so disadvantage with your ACT services only on the websites, most have a phone but can't navigate asking what they really need. We need more assistance for the elderly. I have to Aunts over 85 both don't have children so it falls on me to assist them.
What can the ACT Government do to make Canberra even more liveable?The Infrastructure of roads and transport is not being addressed properly. I love out light rail but we need a more integrated transport that meets the needs of the ACT community, especially on weekends.