233. Bill Gemmell

What services do you believe are most important for the ACT? Health, education, law and order, environmental protection, transport and quality infrastructure
How can the ACT Government deliver current services more efficiently and productively or to better meet the needs of Canberrans?I think the Government is pretty much on track with the exception of law and order, transport and attending to infrastructure issues promptly. Road safety must become a priority.
Are there particular services that you think the ACT Government can improve?Policing - suggest it be brought under tighter control or "in house" to address lack lustre performance. May need additional investment, but not until proper comparison with other jurisdictions conducted. Parking management is inconsistent, resulting in considerable bad parking slightly off the beaten track - maybe another another van or two? The old buses need to go asap. Also, what are the plans for replacing the gas buses, they must be approaching the 15 year expiry date on the gas cylinders? Need to attend to cracked paths etc sooner Need to attack road safety as a priority. The ongoing injury toll suggests it is not a priority area. More marked traffic police might be a start. Can rangers be authorised/trained to enforce traffic laws? Consideration of new technology, such as mobile phone cameras, tailgating detection devices etc. BTW, the chevrons have done nought. 
What can the ACT Government do to make Canberra even more liveable?Free fare zones for public transport around major centres, refresh some of the more utilitarian places with plants, additional shade, car free zones and performance spaces. Dust mitigation needs to be considered a priority.