105. Chris Leopard

What services do you believe are most important for the ACT? Emergency departments at hospitals safety from dogs for pedestrians local shopping centres should all be paid parking - some people stay all day and stop others from shopping - example is Lyneham shops - cars there from dawn to midnight as developments do not have enough visitor car parks - makes it impossible to drop by IGA or the Front
How can the ACT Government deliver current services more efficiently and productively or to better meet the needs of Canberrans?Graduate more doctors and nurses, tied to Canberra for min 5 years put in parking meters at local shopping areas - its NOT A SMALL TOWN anymore do not give government funds to anyone unless you put in requirements to meet, and measures - and take funds away if they do not comply until they do - dont listen to - we will do better - do better first then get funds
Are there particular services that you think the ACT Government can improve?Street lights
What can the ACT Government do to make Canberra even more liveable?Trees, make developers plant and car for trees for at least 10 years from the date of development.