003. Amanda Lax

What services do you believe are most important for the ACT? Upkeep of open spaces, playgrounds, libraries, schools and healthcare.
How can the ACT Government deliver current services more efficiently and productively or to better meet the needs of Canberrans?Less administration, the bureaucracy in Canberra overall is just an episode of utopia. The upgrade of Anketell st in Tuggeranong is an example, what did the money get spent on? It certainly didn’t improve the place, it’s an eyesore.
Also don’t just provide everything to Gungahlin. If you actually spend money in other areas of Canberra then people will move there are there are appropriate services and infrastructure in place for the population.
Are there particular services that you think the ACT Government can improve?Yes the playgrounds and open green space in Canberra have not been kept tidy or in good condition since the early 2000s. Just look at red hill oval next to the primary school, it’s weeds and dust bowl. The playgrounds in new suburbs are nice but all the existing ones still have the same crappy equipment since they were built. Footpaths don’t connect to other footpaths properly so you can’t even walk around the suburbs easily (especially for pram or wheelchair users).
What can the ACT Government do to make Canberra even more liveable?Actually spend some money maintaining the place for once.