38. Anonymous

38. Anonymous

What services do you believe are most important for the Territory? Services for the disabled and homeless
How can the Government deliver current services more efficiently or in ways that better meet the needs of our community?I can't understand why we don't open up school halls, etc for emergency/homeless accommodation, especially in winter. This, of course, doesn't have to be all schools but I'm sure opening a limited number would make a significant difference to health and welfare outcomes for the homeless. They could be serviced by converting one or a few old ACTION buses to provide mobile kitchen/shower/laundry facilities.

As for disabled people, I know of people with a disability who experience substandard service through their service providers under the NDIS.

For example, one gentleman I work with has significant mental and mobility impairment through Cerebral Palsy but on numerous occasions he comes to work with nothing to eat because there is nothing to eat in his share house. The service provider worker was 'too busy' to shop. After complaints by myself and others in our workplace, the shopping was done BUT this was not a 'once off' situation and has occurred on at least 4 times this year. He felt guilty about us complaining and still doesn't realise that his service provider works for him.

 I suggest a central complaints register with the power to fine, suspend or even terminate provider registrations. It seems obvious that we, as a community, want to support our fellow Canberrans but who knows how widespread this substandard level of service is provided to those who require higher levels of support to function equitably.
Are there particular services that you think the Government should stop delivering or should deliver in a different way?I think there is too much focus on group identity and through that, division of our community. I know it's not PC to say this but feminism has run its course and all forms of institutional sexism have been eradicated, except for where females are now prioritised. This, again, creates artificial division in our society.

I am happy that our community/government has done much to address homophobic attitudes and laws but continuing the focus on gay rights continues to perpetuate 'them and us' divisions that just shouldn't be tolerated in Australian society.
What new ideas, services or programs should the Government consider to meet emerging or evolving community needs?I commented on this in current services more efficiently.

 As a victim of cyber harassment, I would like to see a law put in place that really addresses this issue. I have asked for help from a number of organisations but none have been of any help. Does this mean that I can track down the person myself and take action into my own hands? Of course not, but the ongoing calls (4/5 per day), emails (10/20 per day) and text messages (2/3 per day) from organisations that I have been surreptitiously subscribed to are having a significant effect on my already impaired mental health.