09. Weston Molongolo FC

09. Weston Molonglo FC

What services do you believe are most important for the Territory? Sporting Facilities in the ACT are generally set up and then forgotten. Many are run down and under utilized.
Clubs are being stretched beyond capacity and with the facilities that they have but new grounds need to be brought on line as a priority. The health of the ACT is always a nice political football to kick around but if the infrastructure is not there then it's just hot air. The planned sports fields at Stromlo Park needs to be an absolute priority as the influx and growth of the surrounding suburbs is really warranted have suitable areas for everyone to participate NOW.
How can the Government deliver current services more efficiently or in ways that better meet the needs of our community?-
Are there particular services that you think the Government should stop delivering or should deliver in a different way?-
What new ideas, services or programs should the Government consider to meet emerging or evolving community needs?-