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03. Anonymous

What services do you believe are most important for the Territory? 1. Public transport services and infrastructure
2. City renewal efforts. Focus on the city centre.
3. More efficient health services. Not necessarily more hospitals.
How can the Government deliver current services more efficiently or in ways that better meet the needs of our community?1. Increase city parking fees to encourage mode shift to LRT and/or buses
2. Do everything to reduce reliance on private vehicle transport.
3. Reduce inefficiency in the health sector by introducing a commercial approach to business operations.
4. Stimulate renewal in the city by funding the CRA and empowering them with planning and development powers.
Are there particular services that you think the Government should stop delivering or should deliver in a different way?1. Health. Currently overly ‘public service’ full of inefficiency, bullying and lazy customer service.
What new ideas, services or programs should the Government consider to meet emerging or evolving community needs?Reorganise the public service to focus on the delivery of a ‘great city’. That is reshuffle the current silo approach (planning, transport etc) and focus on an integrated customer focussed delivery model. For example - rather than have a minister for ‘roads’ why not have a minister for ‘city life’. That way the minister thinks about what makes a great city not just focussing on the delivery of roads in isolation. This place making approach is gaining momentum around the world and is changing the way cities deliver services and priorities.